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Elladur - The Awakening

Magic - a legacy of the ancient era, created by genetic manipulation. For as long as Liya can remember, her magic has been a curse. Something to hide, something to despise. As king’s spy, she ventures out to uncover more about the political marriage of the hostile kingdom. Her nerves intensify when she realizes that her former lover, Haydn, is to be the future king of Dar'Angaar. With a war between the kingdom hanging in the balance, she and her best friend Ewan discover an ancient scroll from the long-lost kingdom of Elladur. It reveals a mysterious portal to another world, where eternal darkness and a king await his revenge. Yet, at such a risk, who would do such a thing? The answer might be closer than she realizes.

Angie Delazi (Author)

- Feb 23, 2021

Elladur- The Elder's Legacy

Liya's life has turned into a whirlwind of unanswered questions - will she be able to discover the truth and fight the darkness? Elladur - The Elder's Legacy - Autumn 2021 Elladur - Das Vermächtnis - Sommer 2021

Angie Delazi (Author)

-Jun 23, 2021